I hope you enjoyed having a look at our living room last weekend and as promised I want to show you the hallway today more than anything to gee me up to get this space… View Full Post

Right. I’ve finally bitten the bullet and taken some snaps on my iPhone around the house to show you how it looks so far. Usually I don’t feel very comfortable sharing a room until it… View Full Post

Now that the main building work is done and we are due to move in to the house at the weekend I have been working hard on planning the details of how we will furnish… View Full Post

You know when you want to recreate this… …but you start out with this… Not very realistic but you’ve got to try, right? Even if you only have about £1000 to spend. Don’t laugh! So,… View Full Post

Hello and sorry for the radio silence! We’ve been very busy feeling tired (ha!), running around after a toddler and trying to wrap up the end of our renovation project. Our contractor has been brilliant… View Full Post