Have you ever thought about selling the lovely things that you make at home that would make wonderful gifts this Christmas? As the festive season approaches now is the perfect time to take the plunge… View Full Post

I always think that Christmas and Scandinavian style go hand in hand and where better to bring those two things together than on the dining table? I’ve never been a massive fan of the traditional… View Full Post

How is it the end of October already?! Seriously? I’ve spent the week planning features for November and I suddenly realised that my planner is about to run out of pages as well as the… View Full Post

This week has been mostly about clearing to-do lists and completing a couple of craft shoots. I have realised that as my blog has grown I’ve become a bit time poor and as a result… View Full Post

This week has finally felt like Autumn, hasn’t it? We’ve had such lovely walks with Otto crunching leaves underfoot and being able to see our breath. Boots and coat are firmly out and in use!… View Full Post