Charlotte and I began our Styling the Seasons project exactly two years ago by calling on people to take a moment to reflect on the change of season each month and try to style a… View Full Post

What a strange month this has been: full of joy close to home but horrendous atrocities happening around the world. A confusing and scary time indeed but I’m  choosing to focus on the positives in… View Full Post

Although not the sunniest month, it certainly was a pretty month filled with the promise of summer. Charlotte and I had a very difficult job picking our favourite Styling the Seasons image for June but… View Full Post

We are very excited about this month’s Styling the Seasons as we have teamed up with one of my absolute favourite shops, Holly’s House, who are offering our favourite June styled surface an amazing prize… View Full Post

As I sit here typing this it could not look less like May as the rain pours down and the skies resemble murky December days but until today it has been a lovely month in… View Full Post