Wasn’t last week completely wondrous? All that beautiful weather and time spent outside. Staying with my sister whilst we renovate the new house we don’t have a garden here but we did spend quite a… View Full Post

I have LOVED this week – what a difference all this sun and heat makes! Pure, pure joy. We are lucky enough to be able to use my mum’s garden and being able to let… View Full Post

With the change of season I always get restless at home and want to change things around. However, with a new baby there just isn’t the time to make any big changes so a few… View Full Post

It seems strange to be beginning the year by telling you about something that actually happened back in 2015 but for one reason or another I didn’t get round to sharing the exciting news that… View Full Post

Have you ever thought about selling the lovely things that you make at home that would make wonderful gifts this Christmas? As the festive season approaches now is the perfect time to take the plunge… View Full Post