Space saving solutions for a small bedroom

Now that the main building work is done and we are due to move in to the house at the weekend I have been working hard on planning the details of how we will furnish each room (I’ve had a vague idea right from the start). Our bedroom is significantly smaller than the old one in the flat so I’ve been thinking about how to make it work for us; both the way it looks and the way it functions. I actually started planning this room before the renovation works began as the small size dictated decisions we had to make from the very beginning i.e. the position of electrics and rehanging the bedroom door.

Here are a few things that we are going to do in order to maximise the space we have in the room as well as a couple of tricks to make the room feel more spacious than it actually is. If any of you have a small bedroom I hope these tips may help you too…

1. Ottoman bed

One of the first things I ordered for the house was a bed. Soon after buying the house I realised our old bed would have to go as the headboard was far too large for our new smaller bedroom and required too much floor space. I sold our old bed before we moved out of our flat and very quickly made the decision to go for an ottoman for the new house with a very slimline headboard to keep as much floor space as possible. The lovely team at Button & Sprung offered to collaborate with me on my bedroom project so they have very kindly made me one of their beautiful ottoman beds that will be arriving this week (very exciting!). I have chosen the Burdock headboard as this sits flush against the wall and is the least imposing style, which I think is important for a small room. I would normally never recommend a divan style bed for a small space as it blocks light and can feel too large and dominate the room BUT the amazing storage space that this ottoman offers is invaluable. I will tell you more about it when it arrives and take pics to show you but I really think it will make all the difference to how well this room will function.

2. Floating bedside tables

Jules and I have always had mismatching bedside tables (and he complains he’s never really had a ‘proper’ one) but in a small room I think symmetry will really help to give an impression of order and space. Also, there is very limited space on either side of the bed (which had to be kingsize – I was definitely not going to compromise on that) so at the moment I am considering these floating bedside tables that take up very little space and with no legs give the feeling of more space than there actually is. I am not 100% decided yet and I think I will wait until the rest of the room is set up before I make my final decision on this (just in case I see something else that I love as I don’t love these I just think they are extremely practical and not unpleasant looking). What do you think?

3. Light sheer curtains

One of the first things that I bought for my last bedroom was a very expensive pair of curtains that were made to measure and beautifully lined but very thick, bulky and heavy. I’m just not sure this will work in our new room as they will steal so much space and block out light at the sides of the windows. When we took the curtains down from our last bedroom when we were moving it was such a shock to see just how much space and light they had blocked (which was fine in such a big, light room but won’t be the case in the new house). Instead I think a cheap black out blind layered with soft, light linen curtain panels may work better. I’m not keen on just having a blind as I think that can feel a bit cold and sterile so linen curtains will help to make it feel warm and cosy but will let the light through during the day and won’t create a huge block at either side of the window when they are drawn. These linen curtain panels look like a good option and not too expensive.

Ottoman bed – Button & Sprung, Flaoting bedside tables – Urbansize, Hanging Pendants – Anglepoise, Curtains – H&M, Wall space image – Old Chatham Farmhouse project designed by Jersey Ice Cream Co.

4. Hanging pendants

I knew from the measurements of the bedroom that we would have to have small bedside tables so I decided early on that we needed either wall lights or hanging pendants. This would free up space on the bedside table and most importantly it would eliminate cables on either side of the bed (which always, always makes a space feel smaller so try to get rid or hide as many as possible!). One of my favourite light designers, Anglepoise, offered me a choice of lights for our bedroom and I immediately decided on the ceramic pendants as I think that a ceramic shade makes for the perfect light as it is diffused so evenly and softly. Our electrics were wired in during week two of the renovation project so I asked for a switch either side of the bed and for electric points for the pendants. I really look forward to seeing the lights up once the bed arrives.

5. Use wall space

The most important thing to do in a small room is to keep as many things off the floor as possible as this gives an impression of a greater amount of space. Use the walls to display and store things – shelves above the bed, hooks to keep clothes off the floor, wall cupboards, a shelf above the doorway. Keep things off the floor and see the space open up.

I’m very excited about putting our room together and showing you how it turns out! If anyone else has a small bedroom and has done anything clever that has maximised space please do let me know.

Katy x



  1. Southerngal
    5th September 2018 / 1:42 pm

    Good luck with the move in this weekend. You must be so excited!

  2. 7th September 2018 / 12:13 pm

    Good luck with moving into your home this weekend… how exciting!

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