Letterpress drawers

On a weekend away on the Isle of Wight, we came across such a lovely antique shop/scrap yard hidden away down a country lane. We spent hours rifling through great finds and all at such good prices, which is more and more rare these days. I spotted a letterpress drawer (although I didn’t know it was that at the time) that was a bit mouldy and damp but that I could see would make a great display case for all my tiny knick-knacks. It cost £4, so I snapped it up. I took it home, treated it for woodworm and gave it a really good clean and added loops on the back, so it could be hung on the wall.

I love the fact that I can store all my teeny tiny trinkets in it, as these are the things that often get shoved to the back of a drawer, never to be seen again. It adds character and a story to my sitting room, as each object has a memory attached.

Vintage letter press drawers

I use my letter press drawer to display all my little knick knacks that I’ve collected since I was a child. Photograph by Peachey Photography.

Vintage letter press drawers and antique terrarium

I think the drawer adds real depth in place of a picture.

Antique vintage letter press drawers

Letterpress drawers date back to the Printing Press. Each drawer has small compartments where a letter block was stored.

Since finding my letter press drawer, I have seen lots of different ways that they can be used that I would like to share with you today…

Letter press drawers used as jewellery storage

Add hooks to make this great jewellery case.

Letter press drawers used as a desk tidy

A desk tidy.

Letter press drawers used to store children's toys

Decorate with wrapping paper and store children’s toys in it.

Letter press drawers used to make a table

Cover with glass to make a coffee table – with the added bonus all your trinkets won’t get dusty.

Letter press drawers used to hold cotton reels

Cotton reel holder.

Letter press drawers hung over bed

A simple, yet striking, display case.

If you want to buy your own letter press drawer search eBay for either: letterpress drawers, letterpress printers case, printers type case, printers drawers or printers tray. If you find one that is cheaper than the rest because it looks old and dirty, it really doesn’t take much to bring it back to life!




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  1. Farah
    28th June 2013 / 6:32 pm

    I want one to display/store toy cars and trains.
    Isa says he want the pintoy fire engine in the picture.
    Great piece.

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