Abigail Borg

Abigail Borg is an illustrator and surface pattern designer with a love for hand drawn design. Her designs are all based on nature and beautiful botanicals:

My style is unique and takes unusual flowers and plants and uses them as a backdrop to provide colourful patterns. The beauty of illustrated botanicals cannot be denied and it is what sets my designs apart from the rest. My designs are hand drawn, intricate, highly detailed and above all an intimate portrait of the chosen plant or flower. From something so delicate comes a robust and useful home textile which is luxurious and beautiful.

Last Christmas, I asked my sister, Juliette, to buy me some Abigail Borg cushions for my stripy sofa after seeing them in Liberty.  Lots of people comment on them because they are a little piece of art in themselves. I was instantly attracted by the deep, rich colours and bold, beautiful designs. I would love to paper a room in one of Abigail’s gorgeous wallpapers, or upholster a chair with one of her fabrics. Have a look…

Abigail Borg Polka Polka cushion

The gorgeous colours and hydrangea design of my Polka Polka cushion.

Abigail Borg Fritti cushion | Apartment Apothecary

All of Abgail’s designs seem to work together. I love the combination of my striped sofa, Polka Polka cushion and Fritti cushion.

Mr Chrysanth floral Wallpaper Abigail Borg

Gorgeous Mr Chrysanth wallpaper.

Abigail Borg Polka Polka wallpaper

My favourite design – Polka Polka wallpaper. I really like the complementary woodwork.

Abigail Borg Orange Fox wallpaper

I love the colours of the  Orange Fox fabric.

Abigail Borg floral cushions

Choose from a selection of beautifully made cushions that are made from a linen mix.

Which is your favourite print? X



  1. Grace
    5th July 2013 / 12:02 pm

    I have never seen Abigail’s designs before but I would love to buy some of the fabric for a small upholstery project I’m doing. Lovely!

  2. 5th July 2013 / 1:22 pm

    So beautiful! Especially those cushions. You clearly have a very kind sister.

  3. Emmy
    5th July 2013 / 3:13 pm

    I love these designs! So beautifully drawn 🙂

  4. Hanife
    5th July 2013 / 5:40 pm

    Love the Orange Fox!

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