This week has been mostly about clearing to-do lists and completing a couple of craft shoots. I have realised that as my blog has grown I’ve become a bit time poor and as a result… View Full Post

One of my best friends lives over in Australia and she has just had her first baby so I wanted to make a gift to send over to them (although it’s taken me forever to… View Full Post

Have you ever seen a photograph of my bathroom? No, I didn’t think so. It’s the one room in our flat that I never let anyone photograph because it is dull as dishwater and worse… View Full Post

I have a new beauteous chair that is desperate for a new cushion but the one I want is £60 and too big for the chair so instead I have tried to make my own.… View Full Post

Last week a TV crew came in to film my pegboard for a new show about decluttering and storage (I’ll let you know when it airs in a couple of months). Whenever I post a… View Full Post