How to make a bolster cushion

Everyone said such nice things about the bolster cushion cover I made recently (I didn’t win the competition though – boo!) so I decided to make another one for my spare room – just in time to store my winter duvet as we’ve just switched to our summer one – and share more detailed instructions for how to make it.

You will need:

How to make a bolster cushion to store your winter duvet

110 x 100cm of medium weight cotton for main body of the cushion – I used a navy ticking stripe fabric from John Lewis.

Two 12 x 102cm panels of light weight cotton for the ends of the cushion – I used Liberty’s Wiltshire Tana Lawn

120cm length of velvet ribbon


1. Press a 0.5cm hem on the short side of each end panel. Press a 2.5cm channel down the length of each end panel.

2. Sew the 2.5cm channel on each panel.

3. Place the end panel onto the main body of the cushion, right sides together, and pin in place. Sew the end to the main fabric and press the seam open. Repeat with the other end panel. Fold the cover in half, right sides together, and sew the cover together.

4. Feed the ribbon into each channel.

5. Fold your duvet in half, half again and half again and stuff into your cushion cover.

6. Draw your cushion cover closed.

Sewing tutorial to make a bolster cushion to store your winter duvet | Quick and simple sewing project | Liberty print fabric | Apartment Apothecary

If you, like me, have stuff crammed under your bed (for lack of storage) this idea is great as duvets take up so much space. I think I’m going to have to make anouther one for our bed!

Katy x



Blogtacular giveaway!

I’m very excited to be going to my first bloggers’ conference this weekend. Blogtacular promises to be such a great experience to learn from others and meet all of the ridiculously talented bloggers that I have followed for the past year or so.

Can. Not. wait.

I’ve got my business cards ready – I got stupidly excited making them! I decided to get one side printed with my logo by Moo and left the other side blank so I can either stamp my contact details or write personalised notes, if needs be. The big problem with business cards, especially when you’re at a big event and there are loads of them flying aorund, is that they get thrown away or never looked at again. So, I also ordered some glassine envelopes and vintage tickets to accompany each card to make them a bit more exciting…

Stamped business cards

If you’re going to Blogtacular and take one of my cards, the ticket will automatically enter you into a giveaway draw to win this bolster cushion cover (for storing your winter duvet – my favourite thing to make at the moment!). Make sure you keep the ticket and check my blog on Monday 12th May as I will announce the winner here!

Liberty print and ticking stripe bolster cushion

The bolster cushion cover is made from John Lewis ticking stripe and Liberty’s Mitsi print. It is large enough to stuff a kingsize or double duvet in to it; perfect now that the weather has got warmer and we can switch to summer duvets. Alternatively, it fits two two feather pillows. If it doesn’t suit your style, it would also make a great present.

Liberty print and ticking stripe bolster cushion

Liberty print and ticking stripe bolster cushion

Looking forward to meeting all the Blogtacular attendees this weekend and don’t forget to grab a card. Check back here on Monday 12th to see if you’ve got the winning ticket!

And the winning ticket is…


If you have the lucky ticket with the corresponding number either email or tweet me (contact info in the sidebar). Look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you so much to everyone for saying hi and taking time to have a chat; it was really lovely to meet you all. I’ve now got a list of a million ‘to-do’s’ after being inspired by what everyone had to say! A big, big thank you to Kat Molesworth and Kat Goldin for all of their hard work and brilliant vision to bring Blogtacular together. Here’s to next year!

Katy x


Hillarys blinds country crafts competition entry

The lovely Hannah and Rosie, over at The New Craft Society, told me about the Hillarys craft competition and I decided to take the challenge! Hillarys sent me a 100 x 100cm  piece of their fabric and I had to make an original craft design and I could use any other craft materials necessary. Now, it just so happens that the competition coincides with Mothers’ Day so I decided to make something special for my mum because mums always prefer homemade gifts, don’t they? So I designed an embroidered bolster cushion…

How to make a bolster cushion to store a duvet

I knew I wanted to try embroidery for the first time and the fabric has beautiful peacocks on it so the first thing I did was try out some basic embroidery stitches to emphasise the peacocks.

How to make a bolster cushion to store a duvet

How to make a bolster cushion to store a duvet

How to make a bolster cushion to store a duvet

I decided to make a bolster cushion as I know my mum needs new cushions for her bed. The added bonus of this particular cushion is that you can use it to store your winter or summer duvet – so no under bed or on top of cupboard storage needed. I cut the 100 x 100cm piece into two equal sized pieces of 50 x 50cm. This wasn’t quite enough to make a kingsize duvet bolster cushion so I added a 12cm fabric panel in the middle and at the ends.

How to make a bolster cushion to store a duvet

Once I had sewn the five panels together I made a channel at either end of the bolster for the ribbon to be fed through.

How to make a bolster cushion to store a duvet

Pop a safety pin on the end of the ribbon to help feed it through the channel. Each piece of ribbon will need to be about 60cm long. I chose this lovely purple velvet to pick out the purple flourishes in the birds’ tails.

How to make a bolster cushion to store a duvet

Feed the ribbon through. It’s good to have a lighter weight fabric at the ends as this draws closed more easily.


Fold your kingsize duvet in half, half again and then half again and stuff into the bolster (good to have someone to help push it in from one end and pull it from the other!)

How to make a bolster cushion to store a duvet

Once the duvet is in you can tie up your ribbons.

How to make a bolster cushion to store a duvet

How to make a bolster cushion to store a duvet

I hope my mum likes it – both practical and beautiful!

I am definitely going to make another one of these for myself; I have two duvets on top of my wardrobe that take up so much space and this is such a comfy addition to the bed as it’s all lovely and squidgy – perfect for reading in bed.

Thank you very much to Hillarys for the fabric (and the challenge) and fingers crossed for the competition!!

Katy x