DIY Home office

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Yesterday was so much fun, seeing the first of the Styling the Seasons posts and photographs. Thank you so much to everybody who is going to take part (remember, you can share your styled surface on any day during September) and I hope that it has already helped you take a[...]

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Greek island interiors

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I am off on my hols this week so taking a little bloggy break too – I will be back on September 1st with the very first instalment of our exciting new blog series, Styling the Seasons (remember, we’d love YOU to take part, just click on the link to find[...]

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Styling the Seasons

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I’m very excited about today’s post because I have joined up with the wondrously talented Charlotte of Lotts and Lots blog, to start a new monthly blog series, Styling the Seasons. This is doubly exciting because the series is about getting you, our lovely readers, involved! Charlotte and I discussed how[...]

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Paint dipped bottles

How to make paint dipped bottles by Apartment Apothecary

I’m going to a baby shower next week and the guests have been asked to either do some baking for it or make a pastel coloured decoration. I can’t bake, or rather I won’t bake – I don’t eat sugar so I try to avoid coming into contact with cake[...]

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Tips for styling shelves

Tips for styling shelves by Apartment Apartment Apothecary

First and foremost, thank you so much to those of you who took the time to leave a comment on my blog feedback post or emailed me your thoughts. I was blown away by how many of you got in touch and how much thought you put into your feedback.[...]

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What do you want from my blog?


I have been thinking long and hard about how I am going to take my blog forward now that I will have a lot more time on my hands. I started my blog for me as a way of recording my ideas and bringing them to life. However, as time[...]

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Vive La Difference

Eames chairs

I was so excited when Tina, who writes the blog Colour Living, invited me to take part in her monthly series Vive La Difference. The premise of the series is that Tina gives her guests a list of themes, of which they can choose one, and a list of objects,[...]

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Why I haven’t blogged


I really, really hope that some of you can identify with me when I say that I can not function properly if my flat is in a state of disarray. For the last two weeks what will be my new home office has been turned upside down as we’ve had[...]

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